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The 45.52 carat steel blue Hope Diamond was found in India back in remote times as a rough crystal weighing 112 carats. It first came to light when Jean Baptiste Tavernier, the noted French traveler of the 17th century, was approached in India by a slave who had a very secretive manner about him.... read more



The Crimson Star of Siberia
A 121 carat Rubellite Tourmaline making it the largest gem... read more

The Archduke Joseph
This 76.45-carat diamond gets its name from Archduke Joseph August... read more

The Orlov
Legend, fact, supposition and theory each must be accorded its pla... read more

Star of Asia
The Star of Asia round six-ray star sapphire weighing 329.7 carats. The stone's origin is Burma,... read more

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