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Golconda Star Sapphire

The awe-inspiring Golconda Star Sapphire is renowned for its incomparable color and clarity. The oval-shaped star sapphire cabochon weighs a sizable 21.70 carats and is framed by 22 diamonds in a 18K yellow gold ring. This stone's name and subsequent fame were both obtained under suspicious means. The Golconda Star Sapphire passed through a variety of merchants hands over the years. One claimed that this was the fabled star sapphire of Sultan Abdul Hossein Qutub Shah, King of Golconda (1672-1687), also known as Tana Shah. While no one can absolutely disprove this claim, there is no credible basis for this claim. It now must be assumed that this is merely one of the most beautiful Star Sapphires available anywhere in the world today. However, its fabled history is certainly in question.

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