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La Dorada

La Dorada "The Golden" - Of all the Beryl stones, (Emerald, Aquamarine, Morganite, Goshenite and Golden Beryl), none is more brilliant than the radiant Golden Beryl. And no Golden Beryl is more radiant than the world famous 87.76 carat, La Dorada Golden Beryl. La Dorada is a flawless gem in both clarity and color. It blazes with a majestic fire unseen in other beryl stones. Also referred to as the, Eye of the Sun, in Columbia where the stone originated, it has been used in both ceremonial applications as well as being set in ornate jewelry. Recently, it was acquired by the House of Louis XV for their world famous gem collection. They have set La Dorada in a setting replicating the Hooker Emerald which they were not able to secure for their collection. This makes La Dorada currently the only world famous gem placed in a setting commemorating another famous gemstone.


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