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Le Grand Noir

Le Grand Noir literally translates into ‘The Big Black’ and that is exactly what this is. The Le Grand Noir is a 56.65 carat black diamond. This makes it one of the largest gem quality natural black diamonds in existence. While notably smaller than the 312.24 carat Spirit of de Grisogono, it compares with the next famous black diamond in size, the 67.50 carat Eye of Brahma, otherwise known as Cartier’s Black Olov. This was a relatively unkown diamond until it was brought forth by the House of Louis XV for public display. Not since the 33.74 carat Amsterdam Black sold for $352.000 has a black diamond of this importance been offered for private acquisition. The price has not been made public at the time of this writing but sources reveal that the offering price of Le Grand Noir will far exceed that of the Amsterdam Black which was just over half of Le Grand Noirs size.

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