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The Archduke Joseph
This 76.45-carat diamond gets its name from from Archduke Joseph August (1872-1962), a previous owner of the gem and a prince of the Hungarian line of the Hapsbu... read more
The Bismark Sapphire Necklace
The 98.6-carat deep blue sapphire in a diamond and platinum necklace was designed by Cartier and was found in Sri Lanka. The piece was a gift to the Smithsonian... read more
The Blue Heart
Some reports refer to this unusual diamond as the "Eugenie Blue" although it is now recognized that there is no evidence of its having been owned by the... read more
The Black Orlov
According to the legend, the Black Orlov is said to have taken its name from the Russian Princess Nadia Vyegin-Orlov who owned it for time during the mi... read more
The Centenary
On March 11th, 1988, the centenary celebrations of De Beers took place in Kimberly and a banquet was held to close the Kimberly Mine (aka the "Big Hole")... read more

The Chalk Emerald Ring
The superb clarity and deep green color of the 37.82 carat Chalk Emerald ranks among the finest Columbian emeralds. According to legend, it was once the centerpiece... read more

The Crimson Star of Siberia
The Crimson Star is a 121 carat Rubellite Tourmaline making it the largest gem quality Rubellite publicly acknowledge in the world at present. The gem derives... read more
The Crown of Cortez Emerald
The Crown of Cortez Emerald is one of the most massive gem quality stones of any kind in the world. The fact that this huge gem is a rare Columbian emerald... read more
The Darya-i-Nur
Considered to be the most celebrated diamond in the Iranian Crown Jewels and one of the oldest known to man, the 186-carat Darya-i-Nur is a crudely fashioned... read more
The Delong Star Ruby
The Delong Star Ruby resides in the Natural History Museum in New York City. It weighs 100.32 carats. In 1964 the Delong Star Ruby (along with the Star of India) was the obj... read more
The De Young Red
The De Young Red is a red diamond weighing in at 5.03 carats. This stone was once bought at estate sale mistakenly as a red garnet! It is the third largest red diamond in the... read more
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