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Hope Diamond
The 45.52 carat steel blue Hope Diamond was found in India back in remote times as a rough crystal weighing 112 carats. It first came to light when Jean Baptiste Tavern... read more
The Star of India
The Star of India, at 563.35 carats, is the largest and most famous star sapphire in the world. Formed some 2 billion years ago, it was discovered, allegedly more than... read more
Star of Africa
The Star of Africa, a pear shaped diamond weighing 530.20 carats, aka the Cullinan I. It's called the Cullinan I because it's the largest of the 9 large stones cut from... read more
Spirit of de Grisogono
The Spirit of de Grisogono at 312.24 carats is the world's largest cut black diamond, and the world's 5th largest diamond. In a white gold mouting, it is set with 702 white dia... read more
The Tiffany Yellow
The stunning 167.97-carat Mackay Emerald was mined in Muzo, Columbia. The largest cut emerald in the National Gem Collection, it is set in an Art Deco diamond... read more
Queen Marie of Romania's Sapphire
This giant rectangular cushion-shaped sapphire is 478 carats. It was Cartier's most valuable item exhibited in the Hotel Maria Cristina at their Autumn Show in San Sebast... read more
The Blue Heart
Some reports refer to this unusual diamond as the "Eugenie Blue" although it is now recognized that there is no evidence of its having been owned by the... read more
The Centenary
On March 11th, 1988, the centenary celebrations of De Beers took place in Kimberly and a banquet was held to close the Kimberly Mine (aka the "Big Hole")... read more
The Darya-i-Nur
Considered to be the most celebrated diamond in the Iranian Crown Jewels and one of the oldest known to man, the 186-carat Darya-i-Nur is a crudely fashioned... read more
The Orlov
Legend, fact, supposition and theory each must be accorded its place in any historical account of this celebrated diamond. Nowadays the Orlov is one of the most impor... read more
The Mogul Emerald
The Mogul Emerald is one of the largest emeralds in the world. The rectangular cut tablet, which dates back to 1695, weighs 217.80 carats and is about 10 cm high. One... read more
Star of Asia
Known variously as the Alan Caplan Ruby or the Mogok Ruby, this 15.97-carat untreated Burmese stone was sold by Sotheby's of New York in October 18th, 1988 for... read more
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