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The Chalk Emerald Ring
The superb clarity and deep green color of the 37.82 carat Chalk Emerald ranks among the finest Columbian emeralds. According to legend, it was once the centerpiece... read more

The Mogok Ruby
Known variously as the Alan Caplan Ruby or the Mogok Ruby, this 15.97-carat untreated Burmese stone was sold by Sotheby's of New York in October 18th, 1988 for... read more
Hirsch Aquamarine
The Hirsch Aquamarine is an enormous 109.92 carat fancy emerald-cut gem. It is 100% natural, free of any heating or other color enhancing treatments as is so com... read more
The Gordon Star Sapphire
The oval-shaped star sapphire cabochon weighing approximately 52.00 carats, framed by 24 pear-shaped diamonds weighing approximately 6.60 carats... read more
Ritika Kunzite
The Ritika Kunzite is a flawless 75.54 carat natural pink Kunzite surrounded by 1.65 carats of blazing Diamonds hand set in 18K gold. This is a rare and massive stone. The Riti... read more
Hooker Emerlad Brooch
A 75.47-carat emerald set in a brooch, part of the Smithsonian Museum's collection. I saw this brooch in person at the Smithsonian's Exhibition in Portland, Oregon in... read more
La Dorada
La Dorada "The Golden" - Of all the Beryl stones, (Emerald, Aquamarine, Morganite, Goshenite and Golden Beryl), none is more brilliant than the radiant Golden Beryl.... read more
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