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Ritika Kunzite

The Ritika Kunzite is a flawless 75.54 carat natural pink Kunzite surrounded by 1.65 carats of blazing Diamonds hand set in 18K gold. This is a rare and massive stone. The Ritika was named after the wife of the lowly gem trader who uncovered the famed gem and faithfully returned it to his master. The legend goes that an Indian gem merchant discovered the stone in Southeast Asia and sent word to his benefactor that this world class stone was available for a fraction of its value. When the merchant received word that his benefactor was not interested, he bought the stone himself using every penny he and his family could beg, borrow or steal. He then returned the stone to his master who gratefully repaid him and named the stone after the merchant's wife as a reward for his faithful service. Currently in the possession of the House of Louis XV.

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