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The Star of Lakshmi

As is true with so many famous gem stones, it has now been proven that there is no validity to any of the legend behind the Star of Lakshmi. The Legends claim the Star of Lakshmi Star Sapphire was once the center piece of a Hindu Temple dedicated to the Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and good fortune. This great stone and it’s consequent theft was said to be responsible for the wide spread conditions of poverty in India. The massive 60.15 carat star sapphire was an offering to the Goddess in an effort to bring wealth and prosperity to the Indian people. For centuries after this gift was accepted, the Indian continent thrived with its many Maha Rajas amassing wealth seldom seen in any culture. It was only after a jealous thief stole Goddess Lakshmi’s precious star sapphire that India fell into centuries of economic decline. It is said that whoever possesses this miraculous gem will court the favor of the Goddess Lakshmi and experience tremendous wealth and good fortune. In 2005, the House of Louis XV acquired the Star of Lakshmi from a private unnamed party. While the legends have been proven apocryphal, the Star of Lakshmi still remains one of the most impressive Star Sapphires in the world.

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